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KVM Virtualization in RHEL 6 made easy
CentOS 6 has native availability of KVM virtualization support and tools in the base distribution. More on how to use KVM in CentOS 6 can be found in this tutorial.
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دليل الاختبارات الشفوية
دليل الاختبارات الشفوية الخاصة بمباراة ولوج المراكز الجهوية لمهن التربية والتكوين - 2013
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OpenVZ User's Guide
This guide is meant to provide comprehensive information on OpenVZ– high-end server virtualization software for Linux-based computers. The issues discussed in this guide cover the necessary theoretical conceptions as well as practical aspects of working with OpenVZ. The guide will familiarize you with the way to create and administer Virtual Private Servers (sometimes also called Virtual Environments, or VEs) on OpenVZ-based Hardware Nodes and to employ the command line interface for performing various tasks.
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